It’s okay to say “Merry Christmas”

December 18, 2020

"A few years ago, I wrote about a dilemma of this season -- how to talk about Christmas and the holidays in ways that are consistent with social justice and the Constitution. I’m sharing that column with you today because it expresses something that this season has always made me believe as an American Hindu: Diluting the season, by saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” just brushes a thin veneer over the privileges American Christians enjoy. At the same time, it creates resentment and worry that Christianity’s sacred aspects are disappearing.

I believe Americans shouldn't hesitate to say 'Merry Christmas,' as long as we also say 'Happy Diwali,' 'Eid Mubarak,' 'Chag Sameach’ for Passover, and so forth, to the people in our social circles. Knowing when and why to extend holiday greetings to people of other faiths, and offering them as heartfelt expressions, is the sound of a more perfect union. To all who celebrate it: Merry Christmas! And to all of us: Enjoy a bit of winter rest, and the anticipation of 2021."

- Khyati